Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tart Persimmon

Sun washed yet hinting of autumn. This was just a little surprise waiting on us at the Main Street Bakery. I love their things because they bake for the taste as well as the eye.And oop a la, look at the leaves and the bright orange. We think this is a very small persimmon. We had a lone persimmon tree in my front yard growing up . Loved the color. It is still Africa hot here but this makes me think of upcoming change. Wishful thinking, or longing for Santa Fe already? Crisp clear 65 degrees and blue forever. Colors and crunch. It is declasse to pave the roads off Canyon. So the walks there are really soothing and stimulating to all the senses. There's a sense of timelessness, well expensive timelessness. So we'll enjoy this little luxury for now. This treat from chef and maybe hear a slight rustling of aspens and cottonwoods.

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