Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fruit Tart, Figs

This is all about abundance. And color. And light. How lucky are we that on any given day, most of us have access to such a tremendous variety of things to eat. My grandmother ate from her garden. They lived on a farm. But now we can walk into any market and see such variety and such a palette of color. This piece had so much going on in such a little space. I had been eyeing a neighbor's fig tree for a couple of weeks. Over the fence rule in play of course. You know, if it is over the fence or hanging into common space.....well I went back to check for ripeness and a whole picnic full of fat Texas squirrels were gleefully feasting away. Aughhh. So lucky for me, my fig fantasy still played out in this nice little medley of fruit on a tart with cream. Take that my furry fiends.

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