Monday, August 27, 2007

Chocolate Nun, Deux

These fascinate me. Ladureé has a whole group of Religieuses he makes. All very regal. This nun is everyday. Very posh and proper, but is comfortable about town getting it done. Do nuns wear the traditional habits anymore? I painted loosely and freely. Sometimes the paint just flows. Jumps right on the piece. I like to paint the impact of things. Somehow this kind of pastry connects me to the body of all art history, of ritual, of choices we make as painters. Reminds me that in the end it is the work, the doing of it that stands at the end of the day. Not intellectualizing it, not fitting a type, a genre. It all comes down to being out there and getting it done using the moment of looking to inspire, to drive us to pick up the brush. To put ourselves in that moment and capture it once again.

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Stephen Magsig said...

Beautiful, the browns and blues work so well together, Bravo, Besides who doesn't love chocolate! Stephen I also agree it's what you have done at the end of the day. I saw your post on Julian's blog