Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tarte Aux Pommes, Deux

Definitely Van Gogh.Simple shape. High key color. Generous tarte. Eternally comforting.I have always been drawn to light. I am a zone system photographer by training as well as a painter. Ansel Adams developed the system. Basically the point of it is that one sees and captures all ten zones of light values in an image without losing detail at either end. Your darks and your lights and zone five grey are all there. Your film, camera and lab are calibrated so that when you decide to click the shutter you have
the impact rendered as completely as you technically can. What this discipline really teaches you, besides patience, is how to look. But more, how to see. So when I give props to Harold Baldwin for teaching me how to paint, it is because of this intensive work in seeing light and form. The impact of relationships there. Relationships. Very important in painting. It is back to rhythms, form, color and light. Toss in line and texture too. It is the impact that calls so dearly. That elicits the response. In film or paint. The eye must eat, the head and hand pass it on.

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