Monday, August 6, 2007

Lemon Curd Cake

If I were looking for an oasis right now this would be it. Temps are rising outside after being held off by a rainy summer here in Texas. It will be Africa hot for awhile. In Europe everyone goes away for the whole month of August. Some of our favorite spots in New Orleans used to close for the month too. Yes, Crepe Nanou. You could hear the occasional gnat or mosquito buzz. Some lazy hound move from one spot of shade to the next. Everyone run from one air chilled island to another. The flavor of Trout Meuniere keeps coming to mind.Walking into Mandina's and ordering Trout Almondine. The meuniere comes with. And you know what goes well with yummy fresh fish? Lemon. Probably lemon curd cake would be really best. So my brush and I send this out to you for these dog days of summer. Tangy. Cool. And oh so right and bright. And there's shade on the side for the hound.

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