Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Papaya Blackberry Tart

Ahh. No. Nothing to do with hand held communication devices. I suppose you could pick it up and get the message of yum across to anyone in range. Are we still willing to savor our days and goodies like these? Pick up the vibrations of complimentary colors and juiciness? Or are we all wearing a track into the hustle bustle carpet of life. Although I may have blackberry envy. And am craving an iphone. My most meaningful communication takes place in a very small area with a little bit of a palette, some canvas and a brush. The cool thing is my work is internationally collected. So it travels farther than I do. WHO says a little brush can't go along way. Now if enough of them make the trip...maybe an iphone can become a reality. I may like organic and intimate but I love really cool tools. Good artists are very much of their time and place. So I am willing to explore a world that is flat... but it must have treats and light and color.

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