Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Toffee Cheesecake

Do I get a hint of fall in this one? Yes. As the temps rise to 100, here I am painting a little chocolate leaf in a lake of toffee. The lake is held in check by a dam of chocolate. Of course, it just has to drip over the sides. Cascades of chocolate. Having hiked a few waterfalls in the autumn, I remember the freshness even as things were dwindling into the sleep of winter, to be buried later in the snow. Ahhh. There's some respite from the heat. I kept this one to the limited range of greens and lavender and oranges. The treat itself was mostly browns. That forces me to look for the bits of color, the surprise revealed in some little spot or another. Just like hiking those falls. So as the temperatures soar and we try to stay cool, perhaps a bead of liquid running down a glass, or chocolate sliding down the side of cheesecake, can take us to other, cooler places. Maybe to find a surprise or two here and there.

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