Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kiwi Juice One

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Juice or no juice? If the bounce of light counts as juice, we 're in. If we ask if I am totally satisfied, we are only in the ball park. Here's the truth about artists. WE ARE RARELY SATISFIED. If I nail something, I will tell you. I have. The feeling is so resonant, it is undeniable. Am I saying to you this is a bad painting? No. As a matter of fact it is a fairly decent one. I achieved the most important goal, it lives. It more than lives, it has a spark about it. It works. What I am saying is that I literally ached to describe in infinite detail the shapes and tones of the drizzles. And here is the point. Sometimes enough is enough. More isn't always more effective. Knowing when to stop yourself is important. Now refine that stopping yourself skill and borrow a phrase, you nail it more often than not. Just like words. Each stroke, each line, each shape needs to be essential to your point. All else is... perhaps... juice for the next painting.


ParisBreakfasts said...

Very juicy Miss Lucy!
I love the blowup! ! !

lady jicky said...

Oh I know where you are going ! The old "highlights"! My teacher always tells me to be careful and not do too many - he calls them seagulls droppings! LOL
No - Jan - you needed to do that much to convey the juicy shiney look of a glaced kiwi ! Well done!

Janice C. Cartier said...

@PB thanks. I enjoy those too.
@ladyjicky Love the seagull droppings :) I was looking at Julian Merrow Smith and his very strategic whites...thought I would play...but I need more room than a 5 "x 7" to really explore I think. He is so articulate with paint.

At least the juice is there.