Thursday, February 21, 2008

Liz Lovely Ginger Snapdragons

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Woody Allen said that 70% of success in life is just showing up. Last Thursday, for showing up on Tim Ferriss's Valentine blog post, I got news that Liz Lovely would be sending me a couple of their cookies. Well that's really nice, I thought. I'll paint and post them as thanks. I had never heard of them and they did not know me.

The cookies arrived quickly. Two giant Ginger Snapdragons coupled, or as she calls them, "soul mated", in twos. Everything about them is exceptional. Just like the people that make them. Really, go check out this Liz Lovely band of bakers up in Vermont. I love gingerbread, ginger snaps, ginger just about anything... and it is great for us. What I love also are people who really put themselves into what they do in a way that makes us glad they do.

The hardest part? Not eating them while I photographed, drew and painted them...these pack a huge ginger whallop of goodness. Just what this nasty cold needs. Who knew that some nice folks in Vermont would be just the thing for that cold that last week we didn't even know I would have.
So show up. Life is a lot more spicy that way. Thanks Tim and thank you Andy, and all of you in Vermont. Free cookies. Now there's a nice thing. Free delicious cookies, even better. You are going on my "get goodies for gifts" resource list.


Cakespy said...

Oh, love this! I really loved seeing the study especially in pencil. Gorgeous work--you never fail to inspire me, Jan.

Janice C. Cartier said...

You are so kind to say so. The pencil studies are a love of mine...glad you like them. I so enjoy your work too. Hope you are recovered from that fabulous jaunt to NYC...JC

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jan! Thanks for the intro to Liz Lovely. On my gift sending list too. I love the pencil drawing and the painting, I am sure they will too. Don't you love Soul Mated? Is it like a "bonded pair"??
Feeling better?
L, N

Janice C. Cartier said...

@N-They are the nicest people too. Tell everybody...Bonded pair..ahh, DeeDee and Howid :) While not doing the chicken dance here, we are up to chicken soup cooking on the stove. Solid foods...almost... I am having some more Snapdragon too. How are the barkalottamusses? JC

ParisBreakfasts said...

Oh I hope you are MUCH BETTER today!!
Love these two too though I'd really love to bit into a real cookie 'cos of all the snow here..
I always heard it as 90% of the time...showing up that is.
Hey! I'm a New Yorker.
I should know

Janice C. Cartier said...

Brrr, chilly here too. I am still not great, but, knock wood, seems to be tiny bit better. More lemon tea and chicken soup... 90% works for me too.
Stay warm.

mystery tormentor said...

Your a good drawer!

Vienna for Beginners said...

I hope the cookies chased the cold away for good! Your painting is full of mouth watering goodness. Having to wait, while not even be able to nibble off them until you finished the painting, must have been an act of great mental strength. Now you make me want a ginger something, and I have had several Florentine cantucci with my tea already. ;-)

Janice C. Cartier said...

Go for it! And walk a little. :) JC