Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Studio Tuesday Morning

It's an eclectic day in the studio today, so I am borrowing Zen Habits MIT system. Because I am not about to show you the miles of work and source material I am working on simultaneously I will pull the three most important tasks of the day. Number one in that slot, a blueberry tart. It goes with the chocolate cake of last week and the strawberry shortcake which is already done. These paintings have a March first party to go to so we will be swimming in luscious blueberries today.

Number two slot, a karmic kiss, from me to Tim Ferriss to Liz Lovely and back. That post will come up later this week. What color does ginger taste like?...Hmmm... Will be working on that.

And finally, making the top three, that is a small stack of work orders that need to get to sketch format..."pink bird on an island", a" Max Ernst inspired" piece, "deer tracks nearby", and a medley of works in progress. "Pink bird on an island" will be at auction April 8th to raise funds for the Audubon Zoo. All need to get to that next step.
So that's my day... Zen to Done today folks. Zen to Done.


Vienna for Beginners said...

What color does ginger taste like?
Oh, that is a fine question indeed! It does taste warm, doesn't it? A warm orange? I think candied ginger tastes like a burst of sun rays, while fresh one could be the color of lime sorbet, with a mint aftertaste.
Oh well, it's a try. ;-)
Have you ever seen Ilva's recipe for jogurt with ginger, saffron, cardamom, and honey? If you'd like to have the link, let me know. At your own risk, please: It is very addictive! :-)

Janice C. Cartier said...

Oh my gosh, yes! Send link, must have..will worry about rehab later.. :)
You can be color commentor anytime. I think actually you have spawned an idea for a series on ginger, a tasting comparison of origin chocolates and many others all by color taste...oh yes, I like it. Thanks. JC

Vienna for Beginners said...

Please don't forget to show as all the results of your color study. An online guide of where to order them would come in handy too.
Merici. :-)