Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Morning Studio

Monday mornings. A golden sense of opportunity? Or a uh-oh here we go again?

Mondays have usually been an organizing, office-y day for me. You know, what's up for the week? Materials inventory...conceptual work on series...I just found that it was best used for a positioning day. Preparation for entering the" zone".

Oh yes, the zone is real. And for me, the work is a performance that has rehearsal, preparation, not a lot of costuming but some, lights, camera, cue music, ohm..the whole deal. What? Hey, if this was easy, every one would do it. But nooo just we lucky few blessed/cursed ones are so graced.
So Monday mornings? Maybe they are" uh-oh here we go again golden opportunities". How do you get into your zone? I think I still need some coffee.


Anonymous said...

I need coffee too! I'm not sure where my zone has gone.
Wrong zip code?

Janice C. Cartier said...

:) They can be slippery rascals. Feel the need to go to Atlanta...don't cha know. JC

Vienna for Beginners said...

I must say that I have become a lover of Mondays or any day, after a series of days off. I like to have and be there with the family all around, but once they are off to school and work, I do enjoy getting back to my own rhythm and work. I like your calling this "the zone".
Why those bumpy ripples on the berries, if I may ask you?

Janice C. Cartier said...

Hi Merisi,
Getting in the zone is what it takes to do what we do well, don't you think? The concentrated effort of effortlessness, perhaps ironic, but true.
The 'bumpy ripples"- a few weeks ago Duane Keiser posted a painting of strawberries in, I believe, a tea bowl. To me they looked very bumpy and kind of fuzzy. Head tilt, moment. Well it stuck with me. So I pulled a couple of strawberries out when I was making a smoothie last week and sat down to get to "know them". Sure enough, both the bump and the fuzz could be found. Where the seeds are nested in the flesh, there's a topography, a little raised, and then the nest. And there seemed to be a little fuzz in the follicles where the seeds rested. especially,if you look at the edge of the berry. Most of the time these are so fine, the need to render them is small. But I was curious and saw by the lines I made in the drawing, my attempts to capture them were very similar to Duane's.
I have drawn the very trees in Bermuda that Georgia O'Keefe drew, only to visit her drawings much later in Santa Fe and sense immediately how we were conversing. Goose bumps. It is hard to explain, but very much part of the kinship that sometimes happens on the path. JC

Cakespy said...

I guess I would say it depends on the Monday. But now it's tuesday so my outlook is better this week...

Vienna for Beginners said...

Your way of examining the structure of the strawberry reminds me of Leonardo da Vinci's anatomy studies.
The encounter with Georgia O'Keefe must have been a memorable moment! (I read one of the biographies out there, and found it amazing how during the difficult times of her life with Stiglitz she still managed to create her paintings, she must have been an incredibly strong woman - I tend to believe she wouldn't have married him if she'd had lived a generation or two later.)