Monday, February 11, 2008

Making Props

Normally I would go to Main Street and buy the thickest darkest slice o' cake they have.

But this is for a client whose redo of her fifties home is good old American Style. We are doing a few larger pieces to hang in her baker's area. Are we jealous? Yep. Even though I make a killer Hershey Bar Chocolate Cake, it isn't right for this. So my favorite classic comes up to bat. Duncan Hines. Never fails. Consistent AND yummy moist. No not a commercial, just a reminder. Good tools, good know the drill... more satisfaction...okay now Mick Jagger is singing in my head, but unlike him , we will have satisfaction.

And did you see the note? "w/strawberries"...yeah, tough job. But somebody has to do it. Here's where the tough part comes in. I just committed to a high protein, slow carb regimen. No white carbs. Hmmm...chocolate and strawberries aren't white. I see sepia and red...hey maybe this is easier than I think. Augh, Where's the angst? I am an artist, we were told we had to suffer. Just a Monday morning in the studio here. Betcha there will be chocolate cake in tomorrow's post. Wanna a bet?


Cakespy said...

Gosh, how fun to see the process! Not fun to see this high-protein low carb business though. Cake is NOT low-carb! :-) just kidding, I know everyone has their own needs. ;-)

Janice C. Cartier said...

At least I get one day off a week and you better believe there will be cake!!! Maybe even some yummy red velvet cake ....great post this am. JC

ParisBreakfasts said...

Do you do mini cakes to order too..?
Chocolate cake coming up Please
Whipped cream on top required too..

Janice C. Cartier said...

I have mini pans here...let me go get some whipped cream! Auuughh that's a white carb!!!! Day off , day off, project. I am making other props for a different project too today...hmm maybe they deserve a pic or two...