Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paint It Red

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More. I wanted more. Needed red, needed berries, needed lots of luscious paint. It could be the gazillion Benedryl I took just to get some sleep last night. Or it could be all that talk of underwear yesterday on copyblogger. I am not sure, but today I woke up (meaning I did get some non-coughing sleep) wanting lots of red, red , red. Hmm, feeling better are we? Or is it just good medicine? Well, the sun is out. The paint felt good. And I haven't coughed in, oh, ten minutes.....things are looking up. I have said this before, but it truly amazes me how even when I feel awful, sometimes being in the painting zone makes everything else just fall away, recede to irrelevance. And the paint works its magic. You've felt it haven't you? Whether it's a workout, or a well loved task. Time passes around you, but unknown to you. That engagement, that intense concentration, ahh we're talking zone-a -licious. Someone said that 90% of success is mental. I believe it. Today, my mental part said we are having us some red. And we did.

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Vienna for Beginners said...

Here's the link to Ilva's favoloso
the first time around I made it exactly as Ilva describes it in her recipe, except that I grated the ginger (which I still do), but without the quinoa (because I had none in the house). Now I usually make a quick version of it, without saffron, only with grated ginger, cardamom (I like to grind the cardamom seeds with mortar and pestle, using the flat side of a big knife will powder them nicely also), and honey. Mornings I may add a bit of muesli, but most of the time I eat it as a welcome snack when I crave something sweet. Adding only ginger and honey with half a banana makes for a quick light dinner.
Bon appetit!