Friday, February 15, 2008

Naughty Friday Art Quest

Daniel Lanois said, "When you are at a moment of thrill , document it. " He was talking about making music. But it is essential in art. This small tart is undeniably succulent, juicy. I want to paint it big. How big? Not sure... And who would want a giant tart on their wall? In the pop movement and photo realism movement ...maybe lots of people. Are they out there still? Dunno. But the adventure of doing it excites me. It will become a visual metaphor.That process is what makes me tingle, literally, if I am doing my job right. Talk about recycling an is also called setting up resonance.

I know you all have moments of thrill. Large and small. And the best part of us wants touchstones for those moments. I have the great good fortune to sometimes be part of producing some of those touchstones. And for that I am grateful.

For today, I wanted to say that the quest for those moments and resonance they create is huge. Embracing them is all the more important, even in uncertain times in our lives. I wanted to say thank you to someone I have never met but who provides such resonance for me and for all her friends and readers. She had the great good heart to even write about me so that more of you know I exist. But more importantly I wanted to say that asking the questions is sometimes way more important than knowing the answers.
So go read the red writing on the upper right of my blog. Which one of you wants to be the boss of me for under a hundred bucks? Am I crazy? Probably. But it will be fun.


ParisBreakfasts said...

That paintbox looks awfully familiar!!
That tart looks awfully delicious!!
How can I go eat Amy's mini pizza now :(
! ! !

Janice C. Cartier said...

@PB-some incredibly talented painter of Paris Dreams made it for me in trade for a painting....membership has it's privileges...and hey that mIni Amy's Pizza sounds very good. JC

Cakespy said...

Janice: what a moment of thrill, and I too was so touched by the writing you're talking it. You totally rule!