Thursday, October 11, 2007

Autumn Chocolate Cake

Deep glossy, almost ebony, but here it called for blue... my palette rarely uses black. In fact, in watercolor I eschew it altogether. Much more depth to be had using deep sepia, alizarin, ultramarine violet and others to make it true and dark. In oils it works the same. However, sometimes the suede of black is called for. Altogether in keeping with the body of the pigments. Creating a believable plane on which to play with thoughts and form. I once heard that fiction is sometimes truer than fact, it was about writing. And is so so true. I love to get the sense of something through a well told fictional story. And writers who can write non fiction as if they are writing prose( John McPhee) well, hand me one of their books too. It is a matter of that plane again, the one upon which the idea is hung and fabricated, carefully constructed. Making it live and breathe, Sometimes it is the impact of the thing which calls the tools to order. The impact of its glossiness, it's richness and its depth. The story calls for deep cobalt blue to compliment the autumn whimsey placed on top. Sometimes it needs that suede underneath the form, to tell us in rich whispers about the depth within. And if there is a little glow to remind us of the crispness and the change upon us.Calling us to gather. Maybe come inside. Be near a fire of tenderness. So be it. Cozy yet inspired to write our own stories and paint our own little breath of life.

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tongue in cheek said...

I enjoy how you mix your writings with your paintings... words brushed in with emotion adding texture and richness of color, to your paintings, though both indiviually are perfect within themselves