Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fleur De Lis Cake

Night time parades. That is what I was thinking. Well here is this chocolate cake with a fleur de lis. How can I not be back in the hood? The chocolate was so dark and glossy then covered with filigree. Already it is a celebration. It wasn't huge genius or a quantum leap for me to hear St. Aug's playing and see the dancing in the street. The lighted floats, oh my,oh my. Have you ever seen a a two story gorilla? Rolling a block from your house? You honestly must go then, if you haven't done so already. It is quite spectacular to see them moving through the live oaks. A giant Bacchasaurus...a Bacchagator, or a huge whale...down St. Charles to Canal Street where then the crowds grow wilder. To hear the bands all playing, the marching of marines. And kids in spangles, taps upon their shoes showing off for you. The flames from the flambeaux as they boogie down for coins. Clip clopping of horses, shriners wheeling by, costumers up on stilts. Fellini would be so happy. Oh really you should go just once. Suspend your disbelief. It is all to say, carpe diem. Live it to the hilt. For when Ash Wednesday comes...well we need the rest...but deep inside the magic plays, just waiting for the come back out and play, yes even to dance.

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