Monday, October 29, 2007

Pierrot Tangy Tart

Sunny. Fluffy. With a tang. And a raspberry. Delight is yellow and by necessity escorted by cobalt violet. Another pair, the bleu it has its orange. La Vie Dansent requires a spin of interactive color. A rhythme visuelle to move the eye along. Don't forget to set the tone, to play the value scale. Add a little texture, to see the beat enhanced. After all, what good is painting if you don't learn to dance? Shape and form, a consideration. Small, medium and large all needed. Placed to carry impact. It is joie, so mainly light, all friendly edges, and placed to say aiiee. "Come on", it says, "Play along. Come on and dance with me." And the line, oh look at it. It's not standing still, but varied. Extending a hand, enticing you to join. Be part of it. Come on in and share the pleasure that she sees. She sees a bit of dance today upon this tangy tart. A smile, a little bit of Abby's laugh. Musical it was. Here's to a gracious, tangy one, who lived a life so full. So glad to have known you well. Glad for the time together. Adieu my friend. Rest in Peace. You are with your Turner now. Life is like that isn't it? In a snap it changes. So my dear ones, seize the tart and carpe, carpe diem.

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