Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mont Blackberry

I remember the pilot pointing out Mont Blanc as we flew from Paris to Venice. It was the first time I had actually gotten that close to the peak.A majestic sight indeed. Now I use Mont Blanc ink in my Waterman fountain pens and when I am doing brush and inks. It never fails to remind me of the pristine beauty of that first glimpse. White so white. Air so crisp. I think the flow of ink reminds me to climb higher. Do better. Reach for a summit. Soar above the clouds. And I like that. As I started painting this luscious mound of blackberries piled so high upon the cake, I had thought to do it in black and white, but the color was so rich. Now I am thinking, it would be so much fun to trace the form again. This time in pen and ink. Mont Blanc ink has a purplish cast along with it's black. It flows so awfully well. As if endless dreams can be made real, thoughts becoming experienced as the ink flows across the page. Even a glimpse of a mountain top can sneak in. This is a small mountain perhaps, just a tart. It is heaped with succulence. And freshness mounded high.But the sprinkles of sugar could be snow and dreaming is allowed...we could be soaring just a little bit. Isn't that what art is about? A cake can be mountain. A thought can take flight. A treat can take us anywhere we want. And bring us home again. I especially enjoyed a taste of this one. Mentally I brush away the snow, pause with a sigh, a smile...pleasure is a good thing....and go back to work again.

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