Thursday, October 18, 2007

Peanut Chocolate Cake

Here we have a second post and there may be another one a little later on. You see I have been painting more, but wanted each to have its day.Well, we all can do the math. I am a little bit behind. So while the paint is setting for a moment and the brushes soak, I will tell you about this choco-nutty thing that took me by surprise. It caught my eye. I was thinking bird or kitchen witch for luck. Then the gorgeous man beside me said," Oh no, a turkey doncha know! " Ahh, yes, I see it. And I brought it home. Choco- choc-a-licious. Do you see the whipped ganache draped around the neck? And if the cake and nuts haven't been enough, they dipped a peanut butter cookie into chocolate and put it right on top. And now I'm thinking Pilgrim...maybe I'm a little could be the turpentine...must get back to studio. Something luscious, something with some calling me. I really have to go. Thanks for taking one more look before this one goes off to its new home.

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