Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cappuccino Dome Deux

My parents drank Maxwell House Coffee, Good To the Last Drop, every morning. Each day I woke up to that wonderful aroma and the sound of coffee perking. Percolators. Remember those? My dad liked to get up early, sit at the table, read the morning paper and watch the birds outside our picture window in the dining room. His mother was a bird watcher and a Maxwell House drinker too. And a great storyteller. She had taught English lit. So I would like to say I continue that morning ritual. I guess I do, except, blaspheme, I drink tea. And the New York Times comes to me online, except Sundays, when I have my REAL newspaper fix and it comes to my door. But I do watch the birds. And maybe I tell a story or two. My daughter? Starbucks. Path to each and every one loaded into an instinctive GPS in her mind. Paper? Radio when she is driving carpool. But she does watch the birds.....and she can tell an entertaining story. But that is the world we now live in. So here's a little cappuccino chocolate dome. Grab a paper, pull up a chair near a window, and breath for a moment before you hurry on. I have the window open, the birds are all a twitter. Maybe...there is a percolator on ebay.....


Cris in OR said...

Oh I can hear the music to go with the percolator. ;)
We like to sit and watch the birds in the mornings too, me with tea and Hubby with coffee. but alas our newspaper comes in the evenings. :( What IS this world coming to???
Love your stories and paintings.

Merisi said...

You are such a temptress! First the paintings, always ravishing, then your prose. I had your window open all day to finish three stories. I shall have to come back. Irresistible here.
Thank you. :-)

P.S:: I have Earl Grey in the mornings, and afternoons. But once, in the middle of the day, I make myself an oldfashioned cappuccino, with my old Alessi macchinetta on the stove and milk foam from my Ikea hand-pushed foam maker.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Oooh yum! I'll be over for that cappuccino. My first ever was in the Italian Alps from a huge copper machine. I fell in love right there. Must check Ikea. What a little treat that homemade brew would be.
I love that music. Makes me smile that you knew it too. Thanks .All best, Jan