Monday, October 15, 2007

Opera Bastille

This is clearly a pastry rich and full of chocolate with a single cherry up on top. So what on earth could it have to say about the topic for Blog Action day, the environment? My reality. Before the storm I was immersed in environmental concerns. A wetlands artist. Still am really.You know what? People AGREE it should be saved, but don't know what to do with such an overwhelming task. Al Gore won the Nobel Prize as much for HOW he was saying what he was saying as the facts and research themselves. There are tons of individuals out there ( I worked with many of them) who have been saying these things and presenting data for their whole careers. My work was and still is an attempt to convey artistically what is behind all the charts and data that falls on deaf ears. But it is simple really. Like a piece of cake.
Waste less. Conserve resources. Become consciously tied to the land and its rhythms. Look more, appreciate more. I often scratch my head about ONE thing. WE are government, we are the country we live in. No legislation or task force is needed to JUST DO IT. You know when you are really rich? When you don't use it all, when you save and use what you need and steward the rest. As a long ago Pogo said, I have met the enemy and he is us. Technology has answers. Behavior can be adjusted. Why not just get up everyday and live as the best stewards possible?
Your actions on a daily basis, your choices become a rather loud economic vote. Madison Ave. responds to that and so does every elected official who wants to keep his or her job. Vote as a consumer-or non consumer. You are being robbed only by yourself. Vote with your actions. Park your car more and ask for city streets to be walkable, public transport available... bicycle paths an option just outside your door. Get off the daily treadmill and look at every consumer choice you make. And vote with how you live your day, at your house before you say one word about any solution "out there". Demand clean water, air, and safety standards by your actions buy or don't buy. And consider non development as a developing plan to make use of what is there already before gobbling up what might be left to just be replenishment areas, buffers. If we could have that Steve Job one button idea in our heads, this could be broken into simple binary actions. Buy or don't buy. Do or don't do. Respect our wishes to live in a clean and rich eco system, balanced with a strong and healthy economy...hold some in rich. So cake is available for everyone, everyday, just outside your door.

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