Thursday, October 18, 2007

Black Forest Mini

Is it me or are there antlers in these shadows?
It is funny what happens in the studio when I start to paint these treats. Once I cut out all the white noise and the distraction. Focus in the zone. Start thinking in terms of line. It becomes just like what happens in figure sessions. The model brings a little twist, some personal signature to the poses. The thing that makes the session work, that makes the lines run true, is if you can tune in and connect to what is presented. Art is not merely replication. It is impact and a give and take of being in the moment. The basic skills must be learned, practiced all the time. We all have our kit, our tool box full of tools. But when to use them, what goes next is a matter of collaboration. First you have to look real well, digest a moment, see what really is before you. Then and only then, once you catch an essence. That is when you can begin to start to put the line. Follow it with shape and form and texture, value, color. Make the space fill out. Become a visual linguist if you will to make the moment known. Even if it is a treat, a pastry with a top knot and a chocolate cake. The process is the same. It may take you to Bavaria. You may think antlered "mousse". So you might pick lavender as cast upon the snow. You might think whipped cream muffler, and think of mountain spas....It's just a little moment, but you give it what you've got. Make it come to life.

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