Sunday, October 14, 2007

Red Passion

Red. Powerful. Strident if you will. Insistent. Called me to paint. Brush dripped with cadmium red purple hue, slathered rather thick. Sennelier makes beautiful pigments. They flow right off the brush. A kiss of cobalt violet added to make the coulis resonate. A simple coterie of berries sits and tempts me more. You can see them beckoning. Back I go for ultramarine violet, blue, and, oh yes, for this one a bit of noir. It was sueded on the sides. Smooth. With action at the top. Just for a minute. Let's do the grapes,a touch of vermillion to catch an edge, takes it up a notch. To another level. There is a golden glow about the base that holds this velvety white chocolate raspberry mousse. And a hot vermillion splash between two purple shadows at the cusp. There was a tasty cookie inside, just a little bit of crunch. The melding of all the flavors, the casting of the hues, was magical. I am glad to say. Chef really knew what he was doing. This is a jam packed powerhouse. It was waiting in the case. Once I started painting it I started to appreciate his virtuosity. His artistry. A little red. Harboring delight. Yes. This one is for me. So I painted it and ate it.....happily. And again ooh and ahh. In my book of lists I write, Red Passion.....must have some more...better talk to chef.

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