Friday, October 19, 2007

Two To Tango

Enter, two exceptional chocolate dipped juicy red strawberries. Lights, please. Cue the music. I can hear it even now. Strident. Red. Powerful. And the dance. Precise and a little tender as well. The Cité Tango Jennie Garth danced with Derek Hough last week on, yes, Dancing With The Stars, one of my guilty pleasures. Phew! Just think. If we all entered each project with that passionate, disciplined intent. Imagine the energy, the strength, the determination. And how much more exciting. Yes! Sign me up! Muses come in different forms from unexpected places. For me this week, all week long if I find myself dragging, energies a little waning....I just click to utube and watch puts the veritable rose between my teeth. Instantly rejuvenated. And I dance into the studio, thanks to two who tangoed.

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