Wednesday, October 17, 2007

St. Honoré Rex

Golden. Purple and a bit of green. On this St. Honoré. I thought it a gentle way to draw closer to Carnival. A kaleidoscope of images are floating through my brain. Designs and projects, images, from parades and balls. Festivities, excitement, things to draw and make. Carnival for the world is mainly Mardi Gras. But behind the scenes all year long, such an effort is put forth.To theme the floats and tableaux, to get the costumes made. To decorate, elaborate, to learn a protocol. Have gowns made, keep a secret, buy a gift or two. To order food and plan the parties, to get your ladders ready. To make the broadsheets, paint the posters, design the favors, have them made, to work with all the printers. And to pick from all those gaudy things to throw from the floats requires some advance. They come come from overseas.Rex of course throws a tricolor with a crown. Gold and purple and green. So when you see the pictures, as the floats go by, you are seeing trickle down that feeds an economy. The tip of an economic energy and creative imaginations. I think it fitting, that St. Honoré be Rex. A patron saint of pastry, posing as a king. So cheer him on. A pastry treat indeed, a golden crunch with cream inside the golden puff pastry. I can almost hear the marching band tuning up, while I paint these colors. It is conditioning you see. Years and years of Rex parades, just outside my door.

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