Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Devout Nun

Gentle light. Gentle reflection. A penny for her thoughts. I like this one especially. It felt so good to paint. I love these chocolate nuns anyway, but this one seemed very special. A quiet strength I think. I have been thinking about this series, the paintings and the blog. I set out to come up to speed in oils, to use a smaller format, and to talk about the work while offering it for sale. It was a Santa Fe friend's suggestion. Before I set out, I did my research. Any one who knows me, knows about my notebooks. I was sent to look at Duane Keiser, and Julien Merrow-Smith. Both incredibly fine painters. They were using this new venue to offer up themselves. Touched by the caliber of their work, I read what they were doing. It is like having a very public studio, almost a dialog. It is all about the process and the ability to say, here is not only what I do, but some of who I am. The studio is richer, the skill set hones itself, and all the art collectors get a privileged front row seat. But one very important thing is not so obvious. The exchange is a two way street. You bring to us an appreciation, a friendly support. A caring that is culture enriching. It gets amplified. And that is really what art is about. It is a dialog. It is that call and response. I like this public studio. It keeps me on my toes. So gratitude goes out to Duane, Julien, Jackie, and to all of you. For helping me to find a path. A road home to myself. So this little one is smiling I think with humble gratitude. A peacefulness of quiet reflection. As happy to be painted as the artist was to paint.


Merisi said...

Beautiful. :-)
I didn't know this kind of sweet was called "Nun" (I suppose it is choux pastry, as in profiteroles or cream puffs).

Janice C. Cartier said...

Thanks. It is choux, custard filled and airy with some chocolate glaze and cream. The pastry chef at the Main Street Bakery calls them "Chocolate Nuns".