Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Berry Kiwi Fruit Tart

Sunny-licious. Just a note of cheerfulness. A palette warm and bright. Compliments of red and green kick it up a notch. It is an irony I think the action between the two, can balance, neutralize and make a lovely grey, or make the red , redder and the green very green. If you are seeing one of them, your eye is looking for the other. Physics of light and seeing. Simple bends of light. But in the end it says sunny. Much to my delight. I love to play with color. Love to play with light. Form is given breath you see with a little bag of tricks and some "simple" tools. But the life it carries, well that's the artistry. That's the way it really speaks, elicits a response. You can listen. You can look. Dance along, hum the visual tune. Thanks to Itten and Kandinsky, this tart can hold its own. It sings to us of happy things, tickles our eyes with light and color. And isn't that what art is about? Physics serving spirit?

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