Monday, October 8, 2007


Bacchus baby. Sunday night before Lundi Gras is when Bacchus rolls. Bacchusauraus, Bacchagator, King Kong, Mama Kong and of course baby Kong amid, marching bands and flambeaux. It is one of the biggest and the best parades, no doubt about it. My sister's first year down. She asked me what's the fuss? Not ten minutes later she's up on someone's shoulders begging beads off a masked stranger from one of the Bacchus floats. Really. It didn't take too long.NEVER reach down with your hand to pick up a doubloon. Just stand on it and wait. And yes it's true, you work for those beads. Each year there's something new. Some light up and flash. Thanks to microchips. I have the honor of designing one year's ball favor. Boy that was fun. Drawing all the parade favorites, research is a blast. It is hard to stand still when St. Aug's starts to play. And tossing some of your hard won beads back into the baby gorilla's mouth is de rigeur. What a show just out my door. I can almost hear the beat. If you ever get a chance , GO. Go hit the street. The night before Lundi Gras.You'll see it is contagious. My sister won her beads. Her triumph was a hoot. And the very next night there we were dancing to Dr. John on Oak street. We get you one at a time you know. Remember this phrase, Throw me something mister. You will find it on your lips. Very therapeutic. Letting go a bit. Now she's the one who throws King Cake parties many miles away. Bacchus is a clever one. He tempts us with a taste. Before you know it, grapes and all,you're second lining like you've done it all your life.

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