Sunday, October 14, 2007

Strawberry Cream Deux

Juicy. Life nourishing. This is a triple threat, the creams, the cake and those berries, each one at the peak of their potential.All separately wonderful. In this combination.... well...ahhhhh and yummy. Simple. Put some cream and some berries on a cake. But here's the difference. Chef uses only organic, fresh, top of the line products. It's his code, his badge of honor. His personal standard of excellence and vive la difference! There is nothing in his case that tastes so purely wonderful as this strawberry tart. Cadmium red purple hue, vermillion, naples and cad yellow, red ochre, ultramarine, sepia and cobalt blue, white of course and don't forget vermillion...and cobalt violet...wonderful separately, but marry them well. Make them hum. A chorus of salute. Keep the fullness in the form. Keep the topping light.Give it a solid base. Put that juicy glaze in sight so everyone will know, how simply magnificent, how ultimately good. Celebrate it. Revel in it. Find the delight. We made this all for you. To give you joy. Some sense of what is possible with our bag of tricks. Enjoy...and see if it isn't just a little contagious to want the marvelous in our lives...the humm, the extra ooh la la...I know I do. So there you go. Something to start you off, now see if you can sustain it, carry a little joy. And look for some marvelous on your path as you go about your day. Chef got up so early and I painted for awhile. All to see if we could make you smile.

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