Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chocolate Nun Quatre

From the Convent of Valrhona, another sister of the chocolate order. Perhaps we should draw up a charter. A mission statement for these blessed ones. I am a devotee of profiterole. Whoever invented puff pastry has my gratitude. This one was lavish in her form and had tons of chocolate. She seemed determined. Perhaps because she was requested. I really have to say once more how clever these chefs are. The case is always filled with a variety of choices. And clever names, some mysterious and in need of explanation. I think we will look into these religieuses some more. But for now it is good enough to know how delicious they are and jaunty too. And that they fill a need. In the case they beckon. What is this fascination? There's a story there. I will explore and ask chef about them too. She was a bit of a fauvist in her youth. I saw a dash of vermillion here and there, a beret upon her head. She spent some time walking the left bank beside the flowing Seine. But now her chocolate is heavenly, her attitude has grace. And chef, there he goes again putting them out for show. Is it irony at work, or a desire for the divine? Nibble by nibble closer to bliss? A communion sanctified? I don't know. It's chocolate, cream, custard,and choux paste..and how can that be bad? So maybe she's a prayer. For all blessings to be counted. And joy to be found in little things as we go along our way.

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Vienna for Beginners said...

Oh, Jennifer, you make me hungry and nostalgic at the same time! These little choux pastry puffs remind me of the time I lived in Rome, when my best friend brought back "leftovers" from visits with her Sicilian mother-in-law. The pastry puffs were filled with the most delectable light vanilla pastry cream imaginable, then stacked into pyramide shaped towers of profiteroles, over which were spun webs of caramelized spun sugar, cascading down the sides (the French call it Croquembouche, I was told it was brought to Sicily from the Orient by the Saracenes).

Thanks for the memories,
have a wonderful Sunday,

(You wrote about being grateful for the invention of "puff pastry". You meant to write "choux" pastry, not talking about pâte feuilletée, I suppose.)