Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pear Frangipane Tart

Almonds and Amaretto. Pears and Cranberries. A triangular tart. This was brought to me by my pastry sleuth. A little bit different. Triangular. As if to rack them up. Uh oh, sports again...No, no. Pears. And autumn. We had our first little bit of cool this morning. Well cooler. It is almost mid- October. Still sweaty here. Although I did look longingly at my corduroys in the closet yesterday. I once saw that the south was a place where one wore sweaters in the Autumn, not because one needed to, but because one ought to. It was time. My Bon Apetit has turkey on the front. Prepping us for that holiday. But like my sweaters up on the very top shelf of the closet, I am not pulling out the sage yet. In my head, I can see myself on a jaunty weekend at Big Sur, wrapped all cozy by the fire after a walk. A fine wine close at hand. I'd take a sweater there. Maybe a sketchbook and a pen.I would ask the chef to make me something nice and soothing, perhaps something made of pear. and delight in the coolness, being nice and warm inside. There's an autumn I could like. Some waves roaring out my door. Something for my muse and I to stoke our gentle fire.

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