Monday, October 29, 2007

Big Grapes Fruit Tart

It looks a mess. Not quite straight. And the sleeve got stuck. Right there on the side. There is juice running off. No, a bit of glaze. And nobody is facing of course I love it. Not that I adore a mess, I don't.
It is about an interaction. Like catching candid shots. Not those formal things that make me cringe. But a pic that looks more natural. These grapes were so vibrant. Ordinary until you look. Alongside the others they took on a glow. And the fig and kiwi are opposed. To what we'll have to ask them. While the strawberries appear to be practicing their back stroke. I think we have a look, at a picnic in progress. Friends out for a romp in the countryside sharing the one picnic blanket. I will wait until they nap, till they settle down. Shh, they don't know. It is my picnic basket. AND they are one of the courses.

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