Friday, October 19, 2007

Carrot Cake

I have a fondness for carrot cake and a time tested recipe from North Carolina. My inaugural painting for this experiment, the one I listed first, was a Carrot Cake. With fingers crossed I watched the days tick off until the night of the auction. And now it is in Whitefish Bay, in its brand new home. Thanks to lovely Jane. Another stays at Ceciles's.And now, last night, it's off to Christina's house. All beautiful lovely people. It warms my heart to send a little piece of myself off to stay with friends. Just like when I bake the cake and share a slice or two. Always worth the effort. Always worth the time. To do a little extra, to gather the best ingredients.To find the hue that that captures all the freshness. To brush it on or mix it up. To deliver all the wishes. Wishes for all that is good, no matter where you wander. You're going to a friend of mine, so let's make it say, here's a classic just for you. I made it all from scratch. Enjoy it and the thoughts it brings for continued happiness.

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